"In my photographs, I care equally about and give equal importance to the scenery, the location, the light and the model."


Slowly and under dim lighting. That’s how you should enter Paninaro’s photographic world. Imagining that you are traveling to a timeless space, anxiously waiting to be dazzled by the magical universe of this artist from Cádiz (Spain). To enter with discretion into his artistic dreams is to reach a drop of beauty, the essence of a reality constructed with meticulousness and fascination. To go inside the photographic world of this artist is to form a part of a spell that dazzles and inspires: his decorations, his scenography, and the harmonious and provocative beauty of his artistic compositions.


Paninaro’s talent is a puzzle in which you can find your greatest dream. He knows how to recreate it, give it texture, how to create an ambience that exceeds any expectation. His majestic conception of light, color and beauty make you succumb to a suggestive hedonistic enchantment because Paninaro knows how to make you tremble and sense with each and every one of his images. Images of elaborate composition, of theatrical meticulousness, of a erotic feeling that seduce from first sight. You not only have to observe his photography, you must live it, sense it, taste it, let his images pieces your skin like an illuminated fluid that reaches your heart and makes it throb uncontrollably with a passion like never before.


All of this is made possible by a visual force that encourages and inspires. His images are timeless, portraits of an exposition with joyful heroes, bloody warriors, statuesque Apollos, replicas with gas masks, and futuristic gladiators entranced in their sexuality. Images that provoke in us a lust of answers without questions, an unstoppable desire to sin without absolution. To admire his art and navigate biting our lips in the wake of his impactful photos. Strength, elegance, intelligence. Art with a capital A, an a sophisticated and elaborate essence of color and light give strength and character to each one of his compositions.


Paninaro studied at the Escuela de Arte y Oficios, at the Escuela de Fotografía at the Universidad de Cádiz and completed his training through internships throughout Spain, although the real schooling has truly been the passion of his dreams. His first works created imaginative books for editorial models. With these, he rehearsed the theatricality of their bodies, creating perfect sculptures of flesh and bones. The gates to heaven opened for these works. His photography focuses on male underwear and swimwear, and he is now considered to be an expert, converting them into an object of desire at the reach of his photographic goal. The most prestigious fashion firms in the sector trusted in his goal and he only had to put his wizard’s cape and light the candles, so to speak. His brilliance made it possible for his artistic creations to energetically explore the wilderness of our souls.


An elegant and transgressive sexual iconography that makes us sweat desire from every pore of our bodies. Paninaro’s models turn into a suggestive and vibrant temptation impregnated with proud masculinity. His compositions narrate masterful stories with lots of passion and elaborate decoration. That’s how Men Fitness Calendar was born, an imaginative proposal aimed at helping new models, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, talent, and ability.


Talent, imaginative effort, a coordinated team, and a style so personal that it is impossible to avoid under his attention to detail give ideas to Paninaro in order to satiate the gods with five impactful book projects: Hunger for Glory, Casanova Desire, Emissaries of Lust, Numen and Testosterone. Five different visions but alls with common themes: Fashion underwear and swimwear, male beauty, explosive masculinity, and eroticism as supreme temptation.


We must liberate ourselves from antiquated clichés, and Paninaro knows how to do that, and with much artistry.


Jesús V. Hernández

Translation from: Jeffrey K. Coleman