Andres works closely with major and prestigious brands of the world underwear & swimwear. He has photographed more than 80 apparel brands.

Many firms in the sector, rely on the talent and professionalism of Andres, for the realization of the photographs that make up their advertising campaigns, bringing originality and style to your images. We handle all models, location, props, styling, makeup ...

Andres has starred in hundreds of covers and publications of his photographic work worldwide, in major fashion magazines in the sector, both in printed editions and digital versions.

If you are professional models or you are starting your career as a model and would like to make you Andres pictures, contact us to hire your photo book.Andres is available for all kinds of work on request, whether or not you model. If you require any type of photos you want to use him, do not hesitate to contact your services.Several calls per year, in order to recruit new talent from around the world to present and recommend them to the top fashion brands and are hired for their advertising campaigns, image signatures and editorials in journals.