Want to be one of the most desired 12 guys on the planet?




You now have the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for, to be one of the faces in the next edition of "Men Fitness Calendar". Each year we give twelve unknown men the opportunity to make their dream come true, to demonstrate their talents and modeling prowess in the passionate world of male underwear fashion


What are the conditions to participate?


- Be above 18 years old.


- Be attractive, have talent, and have a muscular or athletic body.


- Availability and means to travel to whichever city in Spain is the site of your photo shooton the day your shoot will take place.


- Send two recent photos in which your body can be clearly seen, along with the following information: First name, Surnames, Date of birth, Height, Weight, and City of Residence to: 


What benefits will I gain from being selected? 


As you know, this calendar is a nonprofit venture and thus the only objective is to maximize the potential of the models and their underwear fashion. For this reason, if you are one of the models selected, you will NOT receive any monetary compensation. However you will receive promotion and publication at the personal and professional level.


What is the selection process for participants?


A committee composed of member of "Men Fitness Calendar" will select the twelve candidates that will form a part of the next edition of the calendar. Once the committee has decided, we will contact each candidate via email or telephone to communicate that he has been selected and to inform him of the date of his photo shoot.