Since 2008 and until today, "Men Fitness Calendar" has become prestigious not only in Spain but also internationally, considered by male underwear fashion professionals as one of the most serious, prestigious productions expected within this sector.


"Men Fitness Calendar", a paradigm of creativity, is part of an evolution, a stunning photographic language that represents something more than the temporary, giving us the opportunity to be complicit in what can be perceived beyond the mere fact, on a contrasts explosion of prevailing before our eyes. Its publication is characterized by the density of your images, imprint of artistic inspiration that marked a before and after over time. His style to capture and make us discover, is an evocative, with surreal nuances beyond perfection and aesthetic experience. This plan is undoubtedly an icon of the transformation of the male underwear in art.


With the single, clear aim of promoting underwear fashion and without profit, this calendar functions, in each edition, as an innovative opportunity for twelve unknown models to fulfill the dream of becoming professionals in the industry. They can use this production as a benchmark at the start of their careers, showing talent, skills and qualities as models, plus companies in this field can start a working relationship with the participants in the future. This initiative aims to develop a major plan of action, in which consciousness and collaboration is foster not only amongst the new models, but also among the myriad of professionals (brands, stylists, makeup artists, etc.) complement this exclusive opportunity in which they demonstrate a total contribution, without any economic interest.